POR-15 Reducer Low VOC Solvent is the best and most appropriate thinning solvent for reducing viscosity and cleaning up when painting with a spray gun or brushing on POR-15 coatings. This formula is of medium temperature speed.

Our reducer paint works great when thinning all POR-15 Paints, Primers, and coatings like; POR-15 2K Urethane, POR-15 High Temp, Top Coat, and POR-15 Rust Preventative Coating. You can thin between 5%-15% depending on coating formula when applying with a spray gun or brush. 

Compatible with POR

  • Rust Preventative Coating up to 5%
  • 2K Urethane Industrial Coating up to 15%
  • Top Coat up to 10%
  • High Temp up to 10%
  • High Build Primer up to 15%
  • Caliper Paint up to 5%
  • Engine enamel up to 5%

For solvent based urethane coatings only. Not compatible with water-based coatings or lacquer.


Ensure application of this product takes place in an area with adequate ventilation, and that respirator masks and appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) are worn.

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