Witness the unparalleled brilliance of House of Kolor's Shimrin® Urethane Kandy. With its transparent formula, this paint elevates any base coat or flake, resulting in endless color combinations. UK Kandy can be sprayed over the variety of Shimrin’s Bases including even the Neons and Graphic Kolors, Kandy Basecoats, Designer Pearls & numerous flakes.

Use only House of Kolor Kosmic Reducers & catalyst with the Kandy to ensure longevity.

Mix Ratio: 2:1:1 (2 parts UK, 1 part KU100 catalyst, 1 part kosmic reducer)

(To ensure the truest version of the color possible, it is recommended to spray UK Kandy colors over BC-02 Orion Silver Basecoat)


Ensure application of this product takes place in an area with adequate ventilation, and that respirator masks and appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) are worn.

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