SS01 Silver Sealer is the only silver sealer in the entire automotive paint industry and is considered a must under all metallic basecoats for easy-to-spray, even coverage. As a result, fewer topcoats will be necessary, leaving more money in your pocket for your project. Built from a Polyurethane resin system to provide tenacious adhesion and long-term color hold out. Specifically engineered to work over House of Kolor's KD3000 Direct-to-Substrate colored primer system, KP/KS/KD systems, and OE finishes. As an added bonus, SS01 can be custom tinted with up to 10% of Kandy Koncentrate for an even closer match under Shimrin2® and original Shimrin® basecoats, as well as Kandy basecoats. 

SS01 Silver Sealer Kit includes: 1 quart SS01 Silver Sealer, 1 half-pint KU152 activator.

Mix Ratio: 6:1Mix 6 parts SS01 to 1 part KU152 activator.


Ensure application of this product takes place in an area with adequate ventilation, and that respirator masks and appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) are worn.

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